Caribou Coffee Eau Claire Hours: Plan Your Visit Now!

Caribou Coffee Eau Claire Hours

If you are looking for a cozy and inviting coffee shop to enjoy your favorite brews, look no further than Caribou Coffee in Eau Claire. Whether you need your morning pick-me-up or a relaxing afternoon treat, Caribou Coffee has you covered.

Hours of Operation:

Wondering about the operating hours of Caribou Coffee in Eau Claire? Here’s a convenient breakdown of the different locations:

Location Services Contact Number Operating Hours
Eau Claire (Dine-in) Dine-in, Drive-through, No delivery (715) 839-7494 6 AM – 7 PM
Eau Claire (Takeout) Dine-in, Takeout, No delivery (715) 895-7256 6 AM – 6 PM
Eau Claire (Delivery) Dine-in, Drive-through, Delivery (715) 318-7732 6 AM – 7 PM

Caribou Coffee and Panera Brands:

Did you know that Caribou Coffee is a part of the Panera Brands’ portfolio? This includes Panera Bread and Bagel Brands, all sharing common values and commitment to quality.

Caribou Coffee Eau Claire Hours: Plan Your Visit Now!


Quality Brews:

Experience high-quality coffee with Caribou Coffee. Whether you prefer a medium roast or a flavored option, Caribou provides a range of delicious blends to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Caribou Coffee Eau Claire Hours: Plan Your Visit Now!


Perks and Sustainability:

Don’t miss out on the perks of the Caribou Perks® program, which offers rewards including birthday treats. Also, Caribou Coffee is committed to sustainability efforts, inviting customers to bring their own cups for a more eco-friendly experience.

Find Caribou Coffee Near You:

If you are in Eau Claire, WI, and looking for a nearby Caribou Coffee location, check out the following spots:

  • Caribou Coffee Hastings Way – Eau Claire
  • Caribou Coffee at Festival Foods – Eau Claire, Clairemont
  • Caribou Coffee on Golf Road in Eau Claire

Whether you are craving a latte or a mocha, Caribou Coffee has a wide variety of options to satisfy your taste buds in Eau Claire.


Next time you are in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, visit Caribou Coffee for quality brews, inviting ambiance, and friendly service. Check their hours of operation, enjoy their Perks program, and join them in their sustainability efforts. Your perfect cup of coffee awaits you at Caribou Coffee!

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