Kona Grill Happy Hour

Kona Grill Happy Hour – A Guide to the Best Happy Hour Deals!

Happy hour is a time-honored tradition that allows people to unwind after a long day at work, catch up with friends, and enjoy delicious food and drinks at discounted prices. If you’re looking for a fantastic happy hour experience, look no further than Kona Grill! With its unique blend of global flavors and fresh ingredients, Kona Grill offers a happy hour that is sure to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank. Let’s take a closer look at what Kona Grill’s happy hour has to offer.

What Time is Kona Grill Happy Hour?

If you’re eager to partake in Kona Grill’s happy hour, it’s essential to know the timings. Typically, Kona Grill’s happy hour runs from 2 PM to 7 PM, making it the perfect destination for both late lunch and early dinner. Whether you’re craving a mid-afternoon snack or a post-work pick-me-up, Kona Grill’s happy hour has you covered.

What Are the Specials?

Kona Grill’s happy hour specials are designed to tantalize your taste buds while keeping your budget in mind. From tasty appetizers to refreshing cocktails, there’s something for everyone at Kona Grill. Let’s explore some of the delectable deals you can expect during happy hour:

Category Specials
Appetizers Half-priced select appetizers, including delicious dishes like avocado egg rolls and macadamia nut chicken skewers
Sushi Rolls Discounted sushi rolls, such as the popular Voodoo Roll and the classic California Roll
Cocktails Special prices on select cocktails, from margaritas to martinis, ensuring a delightful libation to complement your meal

Why Choose Kona Grill for Happy Hour?

Wondering why Kona Grill should be your top pick for happy hour? Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Culinary Excellence: Kona Grill’s diverse menu offers a fusion of mouthwatering flavors, from traditional American fare to Asian-inspired dishes, ensuring a memorable dining experience.
  • Refreshing Drinks: Whether you prefer a crisp glass of wine, a cold beer, or a handcrafted cocktail, Kona Grill’s happy hour specials cater to all tastes.
  • Stylish Atmosphere: The modern and inviting ambiance of Kona Grill creates the perfect backdrop for socializing and unwinding during happy hour.
  • Exceptional Value: With enticing discounts on appetizers and drinks, Kona Grill’s happy hour provides excellent value without compromising on quality.
Kona Grill Happy Hour

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Kona Grill Happy Hour

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Location Availability

Kona Grill’s happy hour is available at select locations, so it’s advisable to check with your local restaurant to confirm the happy hour timings and offerings. Whether you’re planning a casual get-together with friends or a laid-back solo outing, Kona Grill’s happy hour is an inviting option for a delightful culinary experience at a great price.

In Conclusion

As a standout destination for delectable cuisine and enticing libations, Kona Grill’s happy hour has everything you need to elevate your evening. From half-priced appetizers to discounted sushi rolls and cocktails, Kona Grill’s happy hour offers an exciting array of options, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking a memorable dining experience without breaking the bank. So gather your friends, head to your nearest Kona Grill location, and indulge in the fantastic offerings of Kona Grill’s happy hour!

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