Opus Coffee Shands Hours: Ultimate Guide

Opus Coffee Shands Hours

If you’re in Gainesville, FL and craving a delicious cup of coffee, look no further than Opus Coffee. As one of the best craft coffee shops in the area, Opus Coffee is known for their sustainably sourced and meticulously blended premium roasts.

About Opus Coffee

Opus Coffee is a family-owned and operated roastery, founded by Tim and Bret Larson. Their mission is to provide their beloved Gainesville community with sustainable, fresh, and meticulously crafted coffee. With a dedication to quality and a passion for the craft, Opus Coffee has become a beloved coffee destination for locals and visitors alike.

Opus Coffee Shands Hours: Ultimate Guide

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Locations and Hours

Opus Coffee has several locations in Gainesville, including one at UF Health South Tower, conveniently located at the Oaks Mall. The coffee shop offers dine-in and takeout options, ensuring you can enjoy their delicious coffee whether you want to sit and relax or grab a quick cup to go.

Location Hours
UF Health South Tower – Oaks Mall Monday-Saturday: 7am-5pm
Sunday: Closed
UF Health ER South Tower Monday-Friday: 6am-9pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-6pm
UF Health Atrium Monday-Friday: 6:30am-5pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed
UF Health East Tower Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

In addition to their regular hours, Opus Coffee also offers catering, event, and fundraising services. If you’re planning a special occasion or need coffee for a corporate event, Opus Coffee can provide delicious coffee to satisfy your guests.

Contact Information

For more information about Opus Coffee, you can visit their website at https://opuscoffee.com. You can also follow them on social media for updates and promotions:

Opus Coffee Shands Hours: Ultimate Guide

Credit: opuscoffee.com


If you’re in the Gainesville area and in need of a good cup of coffee, make sure to visit Opus Coffee. With their sustainably sourced beans, meticulous blending process, and dedication to quality, Opus Coffee is the go-to spot for coffee lovers in town. Check out their various locations and enjoy a cup of their delicious coffee today!

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