Slap Face Coffee Hours

Slap Face Coffee Hours: Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Power and Flavor

Slap Face Coffee Hours: Unveiling the Ultimate Coffee Experience in Austin, Texas

If you’re a coffee lover in Austin, Texas, you’re in for a treat at Slap Face Coffee. This hidden gem in the heart of Austin offers a unique and unforgettable experience for anyone who appreciates a good cup of coffee. With its diverse and eclectic crowd, creative menu, and top-notch coffee offerings, Slap Face Coffee & Tea is the go-to destination for coffee enthusiasts in the area.

Slap Face Coffee Hours: Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Power and Flavor


Location and Hours

Located on Fremont Blvd., Slap Face Coffee & Tea is easily accessible and a must-visit for anyone who appreciates a great cup of coffee. The café prides itself on its diverse offerings, including espresso drinks, single-origin pour-over bar, and mouth-watering desserts. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, be sure to visit Slap Face Coffee to indulge in the ultimate coffee experience.

Day Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 7:00AM – 7:00PM
Saturday – Sunday 8:00AM – 6:00PM

What Makes Slap Face Coffee Special?

Slap Face Coffee & Tea stands out for several reasons, making it a beloved spot in the Austin coffee scene. Here are some of the factors contributing to its unique appeal:

  • Creative Menu: Slap Face Coffee offers a menu filled with creative and innovative items, catering to a variety of taste preferences. Whether you’re a fan of classic espresso drinks or adventurous enough to try something new, there’s something for everyone at Slap Face Coffee.
  • Top-Notch Espresso Drinks: The café takes pride in serving top-notch espresso drinks, ensuring that every sip is a delightful experience for coffee connoisseurs.
  • Single-Origin Pour-Over Bar: For those who appreciate the subtleties of different coffee beans, the single-origin pour-over bar at Slap Face Coffee allows visitors to explore the nuanced flavors of various coffee beans.
  • Mouth-Watering Desserts: In addition to its exceptional coffee offerings, Slap Face Coffee tantalizes the taste buds with fantastic desserts that pair perfectly with a cup of coffee.
Slap Face Coffee Hours: Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Power and Flavor


Community and Creativity

One of the remarkable aspects of Slap Face Coffee is the vibrant and diverse community it attracts. The café serves as a hub for creative individuals, hosting events such as open mic nights that celebrate artistic expression. Whether you’re a writer, musician, or simply someone who appreciates the arts, you’ll find a warm and welcoming space at Slap Face Coffee & Tea.

Online Presence

For those eager to stay updated on the latest events and offerings at Slap Face Coffee, the café maintains a strong presence on social media platforms. Be sure to follow their Facebook page and keep an eye out for upcoming events and promotions that showcase the vibrant spirit of the café.


Slap Face Coffee & Tea stands out as a must-visit destination for any coffee enthusiast in Austin, Texas. With its delightful coffee offerings, creative menu, and vibrant community, it offers an experience that goes beyond just a cup of coffee. Whether you’re looking to savor a top-notch espresso drink, indulge in a mouth-watering dessert, or immerse yourself in the creative atmosphere, Slap Face Coffee & Tea is the ultimate coffee haven in Austin.

So, the next time you find yourself in Austin, be sure to take a trip to Slap Face Coffee & Tea for an unforgettable coffee experience that will leave you craving more.

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