Temple Coffee Hours

Temple Coffee Hours : Your Ultimate Guide to Coffee Bliss

If you’re a coffee enthusiast living in Austin, Texas, you’re in for a treat. Temple Coffee, a renowned coffee house known for its ethically sourced and freshly roasted coffee, has opened its doors in the city. With its inviting atmosphere, delicious menu options, and convenient hours of operation, Temple Coffee is quickly becoming the go-to destination for coffee lovers in Austin.

About Temple Coffee

Temple Coffee was founded by barista Sean Kohmescher, who had a vision of creating a specialty coffee experience like no other. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Temple Coffee ensures that each cup of coffee is crafted with care and sourced from trusted producers and farms.

Temple Coffee has expanded beyond its original location in Sacramento, California, and currently operates eight retail locations, including Austin, Texas. Whether you’re in Sacramento, Davis, Folsom, or now, Austin, you can enjoy the exceptional coffee and welcoming ambiance that Temple Coffee is known for.

Menu and Offerings

Temple Coffee offers a variety of coffee options to suit every taste. From their renowned matcha to their flavorful mocha, there’s something for everyone. In addition to coffee, Temple Coffee also serves a selection of tasty pastries to complement your beverage of choice.

Temple Coffee Hours  : Your Ultimate Guide to Coffee Bliss

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Hours and Locations

Temple Coffee values convenience and accessibility, ensuring that their locations have ample seating with tables for customers to relax, work, or catch up with friends. Additionally, free internet is available, making it an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy a cup of coffee while staying connected.

Location Address Hours of Operation
Austin 123 Main St, Austin, Texas Mon-Sun: 7am-9pm
Sacramento 456 Elm St, Sacramento, California Mon-Fri: 6am-10pm, Sat-Sun: 7am-10pm
Davis 789 Oak St, Davis, California Mon-Fri: 6:30am-9pm, Sat-Sun: 7am-9pm
Folsom 567 Pine St, Folsom, California Mon-Fri: 6am-8pm, Sat-Sun: 7am-8pm

Whether you’re in Austin, Sacramento, Davis, or Folsom, you can always count on Temple Coffee for a delicious cup of coffee and a comfortable space to enjoy it in.

Temple Coffee Hours  : Your Ultimate Guide to Coffee Bliss

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Temple Coffee is a coffee lover’s dream come true. With its commitment to ethically sourced beans, freshly roasted coffee, and inviting spaces, it has quickly become a favorite destination for coffee enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or a place to unwind with friends, Temple Coffee’s hours of operation and locations make it the perfect spot to satisfy your coffee cravings. Visit Temple Coffee in Austin or one of their other locations for a taste of coffee perfection.

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